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Yingying Deng | 邓盈盈


Ph.D. candidate
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) 
No.95 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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About Me

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) advised by Prof.Changsheng Xu (IEEE Fellow) and Prof. Weiming Dong. I received my bachelor's degree from University of Science and Technology Beijing(USTB) in 2017. My research area includes machine learning and pattern recognition, my research interest focus on artistic analysis and generation.


  • 02/2021: One paper accepted by AAAI 2021
  • 10/2020: One paper accepted by ACMMM 2020
  • 08/2020: One paper accepted by TMM
  • 08/2020: One paper accepted by AIART 2020
  • 07/2019: One paper accepted by MTAP
  • 11/2017: One paper accepted by SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017


StyTr2:Unbiased Image Style Transfer with Transformers
Yingying Deng, Fan Tang, Xingjia Pan, Weiming Dong, Chongyang Ma, Changsheng Xu.
[PDF]  [ArXiv]  [Report]


Arbitrary Video Style Transfer via Multi-Channel Correlation
Yingying Deng, Fan Tang, Weiming Dong, Haibin Huang, Chongyang Ma, Changsheng Xu.
Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 2021
[PDF]  [ArXiv]  [Code]  [Video] 

Arbitrary Style Transfer via Content-Style Disentanglement and Adaptation
Yingying Deng, Fan Tang, Weiming Dong, Wen Sun, Feiyue Huang, Changsheng Xu.
ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACMMM),2020
[PDF]  [ArXiv]  [Code] 

Multi-Attribute Guided Painting Generation
Minxuan Lin, Yingying Deng, Fan Tang, Weiming Dong, Changsheng Xu.
Artificial Intelligence for Art Creation (AIART),2020
[PDF]  [ArXiv] 

Style-Oriented Representative Paintings Selection
Yingying Deng, Fan Tang, Weiming Dong, Hanxing Yao, Bao-Gang Hu.
ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia (SIGGRAPH ASIA), 2017


Exploring the Representativity of Art Paintings
Yingying Deng, Fan Tang, Weiming Dong, Chongyang Ma, Feiyue Huang, Oliver Deussen, Changsheng Xu.
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2020, TMM, SCI, IF=6.051, JCR1)
[PDF]  [Code] 

Selective clustering for representative paintings selection
Yingying Deng,Fan Tang, Weiming Dong, Fuzhang Wu, Oliver Deussen, Changsheng Xu.
Multimedia Tools and Applications (2019, MTAP SCI)

Authorized Patent

  • 邓盈盈 ,唐帆,董未名,徐常胜. 自动挑选画家代表作的方法与装置,专利号:ZL 2018 1 0759512.4

Internship Experiences

  • 06/2019-08/2019: Computer Vision Intern , Tencent Yutu Lab Application Research and Development Center

Public Review


  • PhD National Scholarship , 2021
  • Outstanding Graduate of Beijing, China 2017
  • Dean of the medal of USTB, 2017
  • National Scholarship , 2015
  • Guanzhi Scholarship (10/全校), 2014
  • Baogang Scholarship (10/全校), 2016
  • Third Prize of National College Students Electronic Design Competition (Team Leader) in Beijing Division, 2015
  • Second Prize of Siemens Cup China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge North China Division, 2016